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What's the Weather Like When Traveling to Florida?

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Florida Weather Overview

The state of Florida has a duel local climate climate regime. The northern facet of the state reviews all 4 seasons and the central and southern elements extra of a rainy - dry season with slight temperatures. Hurricanes are a menace to all of Florida. The best dangers are the Florida Keys, with Cape Canaveral south to the Keys, and Ft. Myers south to the Keys also an larger risk. The western Florida panhandle also has a heightened danger for tropical cyclones.

South Florida Weather

Travel destinations in south Florida contain Miami's South Beach, West Palm Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva,  and the Florida Keys. Night life at South Beach to game fishing within the Florida Keys are key attractions on this region.  Miami and the Florida Keys have a rainy and dry season that lasts about six months each. The dry season begins in November and lasts by means of April. Generally, NULL to 3 inches of rainfall happens every one month. The rainy season lasts from May by means of October the place 5 ½ to 8 ½ inches of rain happens every one month. The Florida Keys are somewhat drier than the relaxation of south Florida. Key West has an basic annual rainfall of about 40" the place Miami has virtually 60". It is traditional to have days with many hours of sunshine, though the sea breeze reasons scattered thundershowers to construct on many days across the summer. High temperatures basic close to 90 at Miami to the higher 80's within the Keys across the summer. Highs are within the low 70's at Miami to the mid 70's on the Keys within the winter.   Low temperatures are within the low 50's at Miami and mid to higher 60's from Miami Beach to the Keys across the winter. Morning lows are in higher 70's across the summer.

Central Florida Weather

Central Florida is global renown for its subject parks in Orlando. Other attractions for tourists contain Clearwater Beach, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center.  The rainy season is shorter in central Florida than south Florida. It lasts about 4 to five months, ranging from June by means of September or early October. Rainfall on the order of roughly five to over seven inches could be anticipated every one month. The heavier rain is the end end effect hot temperatures and excessive humidity causing thunderstorms to develop, many instances the end end effect of the sea breeze. The dry season begins in October and runs by means of May. About 1 ½ - 3 inches of rain happens every one month. Temperatures are hot across the summer season with basic highs within the low 90's and low's within the low to mid 70's. The winter is somewhat cooler with high's averaging close to 70 and overnight low's within the higher 40's to low 50's. Central Florida is inclined to occasional freezes and temperatures can drop nicely into the 20's for lows.

North Florida Weather

Northwest Florida commonly draws extra native tourists from the Southeastern U.S. heading to the white sand seashores at Panama City Beach, St. George Island, or Destin. North Florida has a rainy and dry season which evolves right into a extra flippantly distributed rainfall trend as you move to the western Florida panhandle. For example, Jacksonville has a one-of-a-kind rainy season from June by means of September with rainfall within the vary of 5 1/3 - 8 inches. The dry season is within the 2 1/3 - 4 inch zone. In contrast, Pensacola, within the western Panhandle has about 4 - 6 inches of rainfall virtually every one month until July the place 8 inches is the average. Cold fronts frequent the northern facet of the state bringing extra uniform rainfall across the year. Summertime excessive temperatures are within the low 90's with morning lows within the low to mid 70's. Winter could be chilly at times. Highs basic within the low to mid 60's with lows within the low to mid 40's. Freezes will now not be strange in north Florida. Record lows are within the 20's and teenagers and often decrease within the heart of winter.

Florida Weather Summary

Florida is a most important journey destination with pretty beaches, best fishing and lots of subject park attractions. Most of Florida reviews beneficiant quantities of sunshine, highly across the summer season months. There is a suggested rainy and dry season over most of the state. Scattered thundershowers variety on many days within the summer season from the heart to overdue within the day. Temperatures are soft across the winter and hot across the summer. Tropical cyclone job have to be monitored across hurricane season.

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