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Good News and Bad News

Good News and Bad News - Hi, friend Climate and Weather Information, in this article entitled Good News and Bad News, we have prepared this article well and concise to be easy to understand for you to read and can be taken inside information. hopefully the contents of the post that we write this you can understand and useful. okay, happy reading.

The good news for some is that there is little chance of lowland snow for the next week, which probably means we are out of the woods on that. Lowland DOTs can relax. The bad news for some...the faucet is about to be turned on.

Interestingly, although the last month has been substantially cooler than normal (consistent with La Nina!), we have in fact been drier than normal. (see graph for Seattle...blue is normal) That is going to end.

Now tomorrow will be pretty much dry, but then we will experience a series of storms...and I mean a lot of them during the next week. The flow pattern will be generally southwesterly, with the jet stream and moist southwesterly air headed our way. (see upper level map for an example).Not a major flooding situation, but just persistent moderate rain, with storms every day or so.

Want to see? Here is the precipitation for the next 48h.
And here is for the next 48 h. Quite a bit wetter, with some mountain locations getting 2-5 inches of precipitation (multiply by roughly 10 to get snowfall amounts).

And here is another 48h:
The spreading moss on my lawn will be very, very happy.

The air mass will be cool enough that most of this precipitation will fall as snow in the mountains...which is great for skiers and for the water supply.

Thank You and Good article Good News and Bad News this time, hopefully can benefit for you all. see you in other article postings.

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