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The Warm Front Cometh

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The latest radar shows a complex pattern, moderate to heavy rain over Puget Sound country, drying out south of Olympia, and a clear rain shadow to the NE of the Olympics.

The warm front is now moving across central Puget Sound. Take a look at Tacoma (McChord AFB) during the past 12 hours...over a period of 3 hours the temperature jumped from just above 40F to 57F! Now that is a warm front, the kind we rarely see around here.
As shown in the surface chart at 10 PM, the warm front was positioned between Tacoma and Sea-Tac Airport, with the wettest conditions to its north. The warm front has pushed farther northward along the coast.

Here is the latest precipitation totals from the Rainwatch Web site. A few areas in the lowlands have gotten above 2 inches.

1.33 inches at Sea-Tac so far .95 inches at Boeing Field, .39 inches at Paine Field. This event is not over yet....

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